February 7, 2014

Since I was a child I have always had dreams. Dreams to sing, play and perform for people using my gift of music. These dreams have been matured into visions of what my life is and hopefully will become. I was contacted today by a musician who plays for some famous artists. He offered his services any time I would need them. I was honored, surprised, excited, and a little shocked. Despite the little bit of mainstream success I’ve had as an artist/musician, I still think of myself as the “unknown underdog”. Maybe that’s why I love Rocky Balboa so much, the unknown underdog with unstoppable determination, “he just keeps coming”. As a youth I won the award for most determined in my church youth group. Even before I was diagnosed with a terminal disease I’ve had this unquenchable drive to accomplish something of value with my life. This has sometimes lead to selfish amibition(Phil 2:3-4), which in the music industry is kinda the status quo. One of the things I am learning having a wife and child(3months old today) is what truly is important in life. I thought I had learned all there was on that subject after facing my mortality in 2000. I hope to one day shed myself of comparing my gifts, talents and accomplishments with those on the big stages, award shows and music charts and apply my mutant power of determination/drive to be content using my talents to, as Michael Jackson said, “make a better place for you and for me”. I am thankful every time I get behind an instrument or microphone and perform for an audience of one(or The One) or  a crowd of thousands. Music, or rather art in general, was meant to be given away. If I hold the song in my heart, it blesses no one.  I am determined to be grateful and, as William McDowell wrote, “give myself away”. Share your gifts my friends, they’re why they’ve been given to you. Don’t bury your talents in the ground, follow the advice of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “GIVE IT AWAY, GIVE IT AWAY, GIVE IT AWAY NOW!” YouTube Preview Image