August 21, 2014


God’s Not Through

So it’s been a long time since I’ve updated my news feed here, it’s so difficult keeping up with the plethora of social media outlets! I have just released my new Christian/Gospel Album “God’s Not Through”!  This album bounces through classic pop & christian genres, starting with very Israel Houghton like “Breakthrough” to funk/pop/rock “Losin It”, powerful ballads “God’s Not Through”, “Healer” made famous by Hillsong, 80’s rock/pop “God is love”, praise and worship “To Be Known By You”, ending with beautifully poetic “You’re Love Runs Deep in Me” and so much more in between. This album is just over 67 minutes long, over an hours worth of powerful, life changing & encouraging music! You can get your copy now by heading over to the store section of my website with links to CDBaby, iTunes & Amazon. Wherever you are don’t give up because “God’s Not Through”!  YouTube Preview Image